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The Omega 1957 Trilogy – Which One?

The Omega 1957 Trilogy – Which One?
Spot-on vintage remakes but choosing is hard.

Omega‘s hit of Baselworld 2017 was the 1957 Trilogy, intended to mark the 60th anniversary of the Speedmaster, Seamaster 300 and Railmaster. All three watches made their debut in 1957 and went to to become respectively, life-changing, important and somewhat neglected.

With careful attention to detail, every watch in the 1957 Trilogy recreates the look and feel of the originals, right down to the size, textures and even the tiny engraved logo on the crystal. According to Omega Museum curator Petros Protopapas, the brand’s product development team worked closely with the museum to get everything it right.

Omega even created three-dimensional virtual models of vintage originals in the museum using x-ray tomography, to ensure the external components of the remakes matched the originals as much as possible.
Various levels of the tomography models

There are minor differences between the remakes and the originals, for instance the engraved logo on the back, the position of “Swiss made” on the dial, but the feel of the remakes is spot-on and convincing.

The only part of each watch that is obviously modern are the bracelets, which are all solidly constructed and fitted with chunky, push-button clasps that feel a bit too large; the bracelets are polar opposites of the dinky bracelets of the 1950s.

The 1957 Trilogy, together and individually, is a surprisingly faithful remake of the originals. Separately, and also together, they are also reasonably, but not cheaply, priced, making each a compelling proposition. But which is the most compelling?
Going all in

The 1957 Trilogy is available together that’s limited to 557-sets for almost exactly the same (it’s about 2.5% more) as the individual watches combined. It’s impressively packaged in a large, three-part presentation box that starts with a large oak case, containing a smaller vintage-inspired box.

Covered in red leather and lined with beige corduroy, the box is almost identical to the period 1950s boxes, except larger to accommodate three watches. And the third part of the package is a leather pouch that contains six additional straps – both leather and canvas NATO-style – a strap changing tool as well as spring bars. (The individual watches are similarly packaged with a large vintage style box and a leather roll with accessories.)

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